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Design Features

Air Supply

  • Recommend stand alone air receiver/compressor is used dedicated to ChlorGuard
  • Sufficient Air for two closures
  • System designed and approved to PED(97/23/EC) Module-H

Control Panel

  • Standard panel uses Normally Closed Solenoid Vales (NC). This avoids plant shutdown when mains power fails and battery drains.
  • Fail-Safe panel uses Normally Open Solenoid Vales (NO) to avoid potential plant shutdown when mains power fails and battery drains.
  • One to four banks available for shutting down up to twenty cylinder valves or twelve drum valves
  • For use with nitrogen or compressed air
  • Battery back-up available for Standard and Fail-Safe
  • Solenoid valves are activated by gas detection alarm or remote stop signal to the electrical control panel
  • During closure compressed air supplied for up to 30 seconds
  • Key Test function available

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